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Fire Retardant Fabrics

Fire Retardant Fabrics, we offer a large selection of fire retardant fabric in-store and online. Available in a range of patterns, designs and colours, we are sure you`ll find the perfect curtain fabric or upholstery fabric to co-ordinate the look of your windows and soft furnishings improvements.

If you are unable to find any of the Designer Fire Retardant Fabric you are looking for or have any questions, please contact us, and our experts will be on hand to help.

Fire Retardant Fabrics - This list features mainly fire retardant fabrics, along with other compositions mixed within their designs.

Different countries across the globe have very different fire retardant regulations, you will need to make sure that any fabric supplied meets the fire retardant standards suited to your country.

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74 products found in this category
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Acacia FR Fire Retardant
Acies Fire Retardant
£47.50 £38.00
Alyn FR Charcoal Stock Save 60%
£50.00 £20.00
Anderson Fire Retardant
£40.00 £32.00
Arbor Fire Retardant
£31.00 £24.80
Artemis FR Fire Retardant
Arva Fire Retardant
£25.50 £20.40
Ascot Fire Retardant
Balmoral Fire Retardant
£57.99 £45.23
Balmoral Heather Stock 1.7 Mtr Roll End Rollend
Belmont Fire Retardant
£41.00 £31.98
Bowmont Fire Retardant
£40.00 £32.00
Cavendish Fire Retardant
£66.00 £51.48
Chella FR Fire Retardant
Chenille FR Upholstery Aubergine Stock 1 Save 60%
Chenille FR Upholstery Chocolate Brown Stock 1 Save 60%
Chiltern Fire Retardant
£34.50 £26.91
Colorado FR Blue Stock 1.8 Mtr Roll End Rollend
Colorado FR Fiery Red Stock Save 50%
74 products found in this category
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